Mission Statement

I made this blog as a way to set down my thoughts about the world of physics. I want to focus on a few main things: the motivations and life of the physicist, different perspectives on common ideas, connections between different physics areas, and overarching physical themes. This is really an exercise for me. It’s a way for me to synthesize all the information I’ve learned over the last few years in my physics studies. However, my thoughts might be useful for other people, especially college students, so I will put them on the internet instead of just thinking them.

But wait, that’s not all! Chicken soup is not entirely made from chicken. In the same way, Physics Soup will not be entirely about physics. I plan to put up anything and everything that I find interesting. I hope that you, Dear Reader, find some of it interesting too.

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2 comments on “Mission Statement

  1. cheidi says:

    Interesting…is your chicken soup any good? I make a killer one. 😉

  2. physicssoup says:

    My chicken soup is awesome. I’ve never had yours! I didn’t know you made it.

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